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Jonge meiden - Pride Walk Amsteram
Verliefde jongens - Pride Walk Amsterdam


With the Pride Walk we want to raise our voice against the injustice of the persecution of LGBTQI+ people in over 70 countries. And we want to tell the world that we no longer accept that others think they can determine how we should live. Also in the Pride Walk we want to show that, in all our diversity, we are a wonderful and colourful community!


11:00 am Pride Walk Manifestation at the Homomonument
12:00 am Departure of the march
01.30 pm Arrival and opening of Pride Park in the Vondelpark

Who can march

Everyone is very welcome to join the Pride Walk manifestation and the Pride Walk. If you are planning to march with us, we appreciate it if you can let us know this by clicking on ‘going’ at the Facebook event page Pride Walk 2020. In this way we get an indication of the number of people to expect.

The maximum dimensions for a flag and banner are:
Flag – maximum 2.5×1.5 meter
Banner – maximum 4×1 meter

Manifestation and route

Traditionally, from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m., there will first be a Manifestation at the Homomonument with speakers and performances by various artists, followed by the walk to Vondelpark. We walk via the Dam – Rokin – Vijzelstraat – Weteringschans – Stadhouderskade to the Vondelpark where we expect to arrive around 13:30.

Marching as a group or organization

If you want to join the Pride Walk as a group or organization, please send an email to at parade@pridewalk.amsterdam.

Below you find some rules for joining the Pride Walk as a political party or a company.

Political party
The LGBTQI+ work group of a political party is most welcome to join the Pride Walk. If a political party does not have a specific LGBTQI+ work group yet, we warmly invite this party to form it so they can march with us next year. Per political party no more than 1 flag and 1 banner may be carried.

The LGBTQI+ work group of a company is welcome to join the Pride Walk. The same applies to the employees of a company. If a company has a uniform or specific company clothing, it would be nice if the participants wear this. We challenge you to bring something that represents your profession. For example wheel cases for aviation employees or tool boxes for construction workers. We welcome a t-shirt with the logo of the LGBTQI+ work group of the company, but we would rather not see you using a logo of your company. On the flag or banner the logo of the LGBTQI+ workgroup of the company can be placed plus a text such as like “Our employer is proud of us and pursues an active diversity policy”. Per company no more than 1 flag and 1 banner may be carried. If you want to join Pride Amsterdam as a company, please join the Pride Business Club.

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